The TRUE Father, Son & Holy Spirit ... and the Counterfeits

Jean Handwerk's Book — New & Improved — 3rd Edition

Jean Handwerk is a former educator who now serves as editor for other Adventist writers. She also researches, writes and lectures on health and many Bible-related topics, and includes nature and children’s stories in her accumulated articles. She hails from the Pacific Northwest.

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In 1980, Seventh-day Adventists officially changed Gods. The foundational understanding of our God that had been held almost unanimously for the first 100 years of Adventism and first published in 1872 in our Fundamental Principles was set aside. No error in that understanding has ever been proved, though, so the “new view” of God adopted into our beliefs cannot be considered a correction. Rather, it is a divisive, competing doctrine.

Its hermeneutic of metaphor competes against a literal understanding of God’s Word (excepting symbolic language, of course). Moreover, Adventist theologians, editors, university professors, evangelists and other leaders have been unable to support the new doctrine from Scripture. Despite these major obstacles regarding the credibility of the new concept of God, and despite the division it has caused, the doctrine nevertheless has been widely accepted within the denomination.

This book calls into question that acceptance with an abundance of evidence from the Bible, from the writings of Ellen White, from historical documentation, from contemporary writings, and from simple common sense. It urges a return to the biblically-sustainable beliefs of our faith, lest any of us be found trusting in a counterfeit god that cannot save.

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